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Hollywood is the cinema capital of the world - the place where dreams come true. It is associated with glamour and luxury. But for Nick, reality is very different. Years ago he was a successful screenwriter. Now he is just a dispatcher at Utopia, a Hollywood limousine company. Dispatch follows Nick from dusk to dawn on one overnight shift.

Picking people up and dropping them off seems simple. It’s not. Tonight, Nick is coordinating limousines for a star-studded Hollywood premiere, fulfilling his task of assigning jobs and arranging vehicle assignments. As usual, his work is complicated by eccentric chauffeurs and demanding Hollywood celebrities. But tonight is different. Moments after arriving at work, Nick is served with divorce papers. Although estranged from his wife, he harbored the illusion that they would someday get back together. But it’s obvious she has other plans.

As the evening progresses, Nick’s drastic attempts to save his marriage create more problems than they solve. In the end, he must choose whether to run from his problems as he always has, or finally face them head-on.

© 2009 Michael Bershad & Steven Sprung

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